Have you ever wondered Why?

Have you ever wondered why? Why you are not succeeding or your goals not coming to fruition like you vision it? 

A really good friend of mine posted this on Facebook today, and I thought it would be a perfect post for today. Well written Krysta and thank you for sharing this with everyone.

by Krysta McLeod Chapman

Krysta McLeod ChapmanIt’s one thing to be in love with a product and determined to reach your financial goals. But there are other components that really should be considered if you aren’t having the success you want. If you have truly been focused and committed yet the plateau remains which of the following might be stopping you?

1. Belief in Self: Ability, Skills, Desire, Persistence
2. Belief in Company: Corporate Structure, Long term plans, Approach to growth & fiscal responsibility, re-investment
3. Belief in Product : Integrity, safety, consistency, results,
4. Belief in Compensation Structure: Simplicity, Unlimited, Ability for all of your people to be paid, Generous
5. Belief in Profession: Reach, Potential, Education, Mentors, Training

All we need to succeed in this business is available, from personal development to motivation. We must target the areas we need work on and adopt the attitude every step forward.

Love and Gratitude!




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