How can I get to Manager …. and Beyond


Erin Postle 4 Star Executive with Isagenix

written by Erin Postle

Someone just asked.. how can I get to manager.. here’s my answer.. thought you might find it helpful.

First off get your energy right…

How is your belief.. in

  1. product
  2. business
  3. your ability
  4. Isagenix
  5. compensation plan

Rate on a scale of 1-5. If its super low.. change it.. bring it up.. get help if you need to..

Also how confident are you at:

  1. connecting
  2. conversations
  3. enrolling conversations
  4. leading others

You have to master how to have these conversations.. less talk more listening.

its a numbers game ….. get in front of as many people as you canshow your people how to get paid ….. stay in touch with them..

Tell them its free shipping on qualifying pac’s …… dig deep and get laser focused

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