I have my life back and it feels ABSOLUTELY amazing!!!!

Casey James - Headshot

Casey James: Crystal Manager with Isagenix

In February of 2009 the company I had been employed with for 10 years downsized and centralized many of their southwestern Ontario departments, including the graphics department in which I was worked. Here I was: 47 years old, unemployed, and starting a career all over again. It was pretty scary but kind of exciting at the same time. I had the awesome opportunity of being part of the new “Second Careers” retraining program being offered for unemployed workers here in Canada. I enrolled in the Office Administration Executive course at our local college for that September.

In August of 2009, someone who went to the same gym my husband and I went talked me to the benefits of Isagenix! We got together at a local coffee shop and talked for over 2 hours. She knew that I was worried about college and knew that it was going to be very stressful. She also knew of some of the health challenges that I faced and had been living with since the lifesaving surgery I had in 2004. (That is a long and complicated story in itself!) She had a taste test at her home a few nights later and I became an associate. (Membership was free for new associates and I thought why not, I didn’t have anything to lose by trying some of the products. I started out slowly – money was an issue and I was very skeptical. Ionix Surpreme!! Life saver!

Other Questions:

  1. 1.      How has Isagenix changed your life?

Isagenix gave me my life back and I feel awesome!!! I haven’t felt this good in a long time! It has been a journey to get to where I am today. Many personal challenges and situations; I wouldn’t trade what happened for anything. It has molded, shaped, and strengthened me. Challenges and situations such as: marriages and divorces, (divorced 3 times, married four times), physical upsets and complications (2 children and 3 miscarriages in my first marriage, and the loss of my infant son in my second marriage – birth complications which in turn caused a lot of internal complications over the years); different career and home location changes due to relocation’s, downsizing; learning disabilities most of my life, and many health challenges and major surgeries due to the births of my children.

But my life changed in August of 2009! The last three years have been a slower process for me, especially with some of the health challenges that I have faced – but I never quit. I listened to my body and did what was right for me. Some will say “unconventional” but unless you have walked in my shoes you won’t understand.

When you put the best nutritional products into your body, great things will happen! You just have to be patient and stay the course! I could have quit two years ago when things didn’t seem to be turning around for me! But I didn’t! And I am so happy that I stayed with it!!! I lost weight due to unforeseen circumstances back in 2004, but because of the products, I gained so much more physically, mentally, and emotionally because of the choice to change what I thought my “normal” was and what I thought it had to be.

I now have boundless energy, more mental focus & mental clarity, my husband says that he has noticed positive  changes in me since I started with Isagenix! I am finally back on track and it feels GREAT! It has also given me the extra income to be able to work from home! To encompass all my passions!

  1. What are your too 3 IsaProducts & why?
    1. Healthy Lifestyle Pac!

i.     Gives me everything that I need (and can now digest) that suite’s my lifestyle!

  1. Ionix Supreme & Cleanse for Life – great kick start in the morning – and for nights when I have problems falling asleep.
  2. The new reformatted IsaLean Shakes

i.     For me the old shake was an issue – couldn’t digest it properly. (past health issues and lack of a third of my internal plumbing) They came out with the new shakes this past year and it has been awesome! I am lazy – after having to cook for so many years (kids, stepkids, ex’s) it is so nice to just get up in the morning, make my shake and voila!

  1. *Brain Support and Sleep Renewal

i.     Felt like I was living in a fog, especially the last year or so, even with the Ionix, and it was getting harder and harder to remember even the smallest details. I am that person who loses their car in the parking lot at Walmart or at the grocery store. I am that person who sets her glasses or keys or pen down and then forgets 5 minutes later where she put them. I am that person who would put the kettle on the stove to boil water for a cup of tea and then forget that I had done that! Past health issues and surgeries have taken a toll on my memory and memory recall. I was so excited when this product was launched at Celebration! Even had the chance to talk to Dr. Michael Colgan at the time about it! It has been a godsend and 6 months on this product it just keeps getting better and better!

  1. How are you building your business on FB?

By consistent branding, staying upbeat and positive, by building relationships, and NOT inundating my personal wall with Isagenix postings!

  1. How has Product B improved the quality of your health & what results have you experienced?
    1. More energy – better focus, look younger, feel younger, and my hairdresser says said my hair is very healthy and stronger than when she started doing my hair over a year ago!

I have many loves and passions that encompass so many areas in my life. Freelance graphics/admin provides me the opportunity to work from home! It gives me freedom to pursue my other passion. “I empower individuals” by providing the tools and nutritional products to achieve their goals to transform their health! Together we build a better lifestyle.


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