The Promise: This business can set you free financially in one to three years.

Sharing this forward … not sure who originally posted this, but this is a great reminder!

The Price: To succeed, you will have to face and conquer 4 major enemies.

This is a true story about Mark Yarnell, a minister in a small Texas town. He was heading for bankruptcy and just about to lose his home and car. He looked for a way out and discovered Network Marketing.  Mark’s sponsor gave him the “promise” and also told him about the “price” to succeed. The 4 major enemies in your business are:

Enemy #1 Rejection
Mark approached 200 people to view a video, 80 told him they are not interested.

Enemy #2 Deception
Mark thought, “no problem, my sponsor warned me about that. I’ve still got 120 people that will watch” Guess what?  50 didn’t.

Enemy #3 Apathy
Mark thought, “no problem, my sponsor warned me about that. I’ve got 70 people who have watched the video.” Guess what? 57 said “not interested”

Enemy #4 Attrition
Undaunted Mark thought, “no problem, 13 people signed up.” Guess what? 12 of them dropped out of the business shortly thereafter.

Attrition left Mark with just one serious associate. But, to date, that single associate earns Mark over $50,000 per month.

Mark Yarnell’s story is not unique. Ask the person who introduced you to Isagenix – they have experienced all of the above.

Pick your goal and get into massive action. If you talk to enough people, you will make it!

Here’s the lesson: Your success is directly related to the degree to which you are willing to work to find others like yourself who are committed to succeed. Mark Yarnell’s odds were 1 out of 50. Would you be willing to go through 200 people to find 1 who will make you $50,000 per month? Or hear uncounted “No’s” to sign up 50 people to find a million dollar person? I know you will. It’s easier when you know the odds up front.

But here’s the catch” You have your own set of odds and you won’t know what they are until after you’ve succeeded. So if you’ve gone through 50 or 100 people and you haven’t found 1 serious person yet, you can either give up and assume the business doesn’t work or recognize that you are working through your own numbers.

Are you willing to find out what your own set of odds is? That means that you must pay the price for freedom. Remember that the numbers never fail you. Despite where you are in your skill level, your success is assured if you talk to enough people. And as your skill improves, so will your odds.

There is no such thing as luck in this industry. Winning big is a matter of being willing to pay the price. Are you?


Your future is in your hands! The choices which you make today will determine the course of your entire future.

May you have a successful future in all aspects of your life!


Is Facebook Becoming a Dictatorship?

Is Facebook Becoming a Dictatorship?

Friend Requests Blocked for 7 Days

Good morning everyone ……………. so ………… this is the second time I have seen this message ………any else get this?

9:10 times I am receiving friend requests … and 95% of the time I will accept them ……………… BUT in the last three weeks I have sent out 2 or 3 friend request ……… hmmmmmmmmmmm so ……… Facebook has cancelled any pending friend requests and when you are logging into Facebook you have to choose whether to cancel, not cancel, or or keep pending ….. last time I chose keep pending, this time I cancelled completely …………… Have an awesome day!

 The feedback that I have received so far from this post on Facebook has been interesting.
“Its sucks…facebook is a social media site…and yet they don’t want us to friend to may jeeesh ..whats up with that !!! I have been banned again for being overly social…”  (Randy Dunbar)
“I’m always on a ban.  Too bad, I’ve met some really awesome net-workers/friends on this social platform. That is what this social media all about; getting to know and appreciate like-minded professionals.” (Wanda Leach)
How do you feel about all the changes and restrictions now being put in place by Facebook?


The scandals of Chief Theresa Spence and Attawapiskat

I normally don’t share political video’s etc on Facebook or other social media sites. I do feel that this newscast is more accurate than what has been portrayed by other news media. As a society in general we tend to bury our heads in the sand and for most part are too afraid to speak out in fear of the consequences.

I want to say right up front that I am not raciest nor am I prejudice … I believe in fairness and equality for all ….. I don’t believe in special privileges or rights based on race, religion, gender, or politics.

I do believe that as a society in general we need to look at all the facts presented and not jump on band wagons because everyone else does. “IdleNoMore” movement has good points to it (and some bad points), but there is a lot of misinformation as well. It has brought to the forefront (again) the divisions within our own country that need to be addressed.

“Ezra Levant reveals some shocking facts about Chief Theresa Spence and Attawapiskat that other media outlets won’t talk about.”

Scandels Appawapiskat


Yes, there are leaking roofs, yes, the conditions on Attawapiskat are terrible (and other reserves share those conditions) and we as a society are not denying this although many turn a blind eye to the other side of the issues.  And the average native american is paying the price of these conditions. It is their voices that need to be heard. Many are too afraid to speak out and pay a price when they do.

Watch the video, do your due diligence —  The corruption taking place is not all within the Canadian Government, nor is it the general populace on the reserves themselves, but within the band councils, chiefs, and governing bodies on the reserves  within the structure of the reserves.

Ask yourself : where is the money?  where is the accountability? -what can be done about? and how much longer do we as a society turn a blind eye?

The scandals of Chief Theresa Spence and Attawapiskat : Prime time : SunNews Video Gallery